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Details 443 came from John Constable's Golding Constable's Flower Garden (1815). Like its companion picture, Golding Constable's Kitchen Garden, it was painted at an upstairs window, looking out the back of his parents' house. Partly due to this high, downward perspective, the view has a peculiarly even focus. The eye isn't pulled over the land, towards the horizon and the sky. There's nothing in particular to steal the scene. And the whole foreground, the flower garden, is under evening shadow - a powerful containment-effect that, muting the garden's colours while making it clear that, in another light, they would be the brightest point. The picture belongs to Ipswich Museums and Galleries.

The first three correct entries came from: H Thomas, Shrewsbury; G Walker, London SW1; and T Pearson, Sunderland