Details competition by Tom Lubbock

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Details 449 came from Sir Joshua Reynolds' earliest Self Portrait (1747-8). Reynolds, in his mid-twenties, had just arrived in London and was about to leave for Italy. It's a heart-stopping image, showing the painter as daring but apprehensive young hero: as if, with a back-footed stance and a sudden defensive hand-gesture, shielding his eyes against the glare, he was preparing for a fight - the black maulstick half-suggesting a sword held across the body - with the light which makes him visible. Great concept for a self-portrait. I think it may well be the artist's best work. It's in the National Portrait Gallery, London.

The first three correct entries came from: V Pert, London N8; B Blench, Lochgiliphead; and G Russ, London W12

In which picture by which painter can you find this bender?

Answers, on a postcard, to arrive by Friday 24 September, to: DETAILS 451, IoS, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DL. Three winners will each receive a bottle of champagne