Details competition no 432 by Tom Lubbock

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Details 430 came from El Greco's Laocoon (1610-14). It's among his last works, unfinished, and his only known excursion into classical mythology - or any non-Christian narrative, for that matter. The subject, from the seige of Troy, was presumably inspired by the famous ancient sculpture of Laocoon, dug up in Rome in the previous century. But El Greco's anatomies might have been designed to writhe in snake-death. The city in the background is his home town of Toledo. The little pony in the middle distance is meant to be the Wooden Horse. The picture is in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

The first three correct entries came from: P Lees, London W11; P Wiggins, Hampton; and L Petty, Stockport

In which painting by which painter can you find this drape?

Answers on a postcard, to arrive by Friday 14 May: DETAILS 432, IoS, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL. Three winners will each receive a bottle of champagne