Details competition no 435

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In which painting by which painter can you find these parts?

Answers on a postcard, to arrive by Friday 4 June: DETAILS 435, IoS, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL. Three winners will each receive a bottle of champagne

Details 433 came from Francis Danby's Sunset at Sea After a Storm (1824) - a really striking vision of red and black, with its sun-disc cut out of darkness and its cloud-streaks splitting like broken wood. Danby: interesting artist; born in Ireland in 1793, worked in Bristol and London. He did romantic and magical landscapes, and scenes of the deluge and the apocalypse which rival John Martin. And in the mid-1850s he did oil sketches that might be impressionist works from a decade or two later. You can see some of them, and the present picture, in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

The first three correct entries came from: P Ragan, Bristol; J Thomas, Dorset; and Y Azad, London SW2