Details competition: No 441

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Details 439 came from Rubens' Druken Silenus (c1618). The great mythological fatman, looking grim, trips and stumbles and runs a kind of gauntlet through a crowd of goading followers. It's hard to get the tone. Jolly? Pathetic? Derisive? Celebratory? But then, this is a picture of a drunk. It stages strongly ambivalent feelings about helpless drunkenness - that it's a sad/ludicrous degradation, and also a kind of heroic altered state. Silenus, this massively powerful figure, is like a holy victim, and his commanding presence in the scene is enforced by his being completely out of control, and about to fall over. The picture is in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich.

The first three correct entries came from: I Scott, Wick; C Frost, Warwick; and S Nolan, London E17