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EVER SINCE Yes, Minister, Nigel Hawthorne (right) has been a big star over here, but The Madness of King George (10pm FilmFour), Nicholas Hytner's reading of the hit stage-play by Alan Bennett, launched the sixtysomething actor into worldwide stardom. He delivers a marvellous performance as the monarch whose grip on his mental health and crown declines alarmingly. Good support comes from Ian Holm and Helen Mirren.

Robert Redford is one of the most famous actors in the world, but he has also established a strong reputation for himself on the other side of the camera. In his accomplished film, Quiz Show (9.50pm UK Arena), Ralph Fiennes delivers a convincing performance as an all-American boy who becomes engulfed in a national scandal when he is caught cheating on the most popular TV quiz show of the day.