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SIGOURNEY WEAVER (right) has always had the ability to play it scary - remember her chillingly cold businesswoman in Working Girl? She turns in a similarly memorable performance as the wickedest of wicked stepmothers in Snow White: A Tale of Terror (8pm Sky Premier), a truly dark reading of the Grimm fairytale. Michael Cohn's film, showing for the first time on satellite tonight, centres on her sadistic treatment of the beautiful stepdaughter (Monica Keena) of whom she is jealous. Look for Gil Bellows, Ally McBeal's ex, in a supporting role.

As his court case with Sony demonstrated, George Michael wants to be taken seriously as an artist. To many, however, he was more fun as part of the pop duo, Wham!, with his old schoolfriend Andrew Ridgeley. Their finest moments are remembered in The Greatest Hits of... Wham! (6pm VH1).