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ON ITS release in 1954, The Wild One (6pm FilmFour) was banned in some areas because the youngsters were not seen to get their comeuppance. This tough drama centres on thuggish bikers led by Marlon Brando (right) laying waste to a small town and clashing with a rival gang under Lee Marvin's control. Now it looks like a timeless slice of teen rebellion, but Laslo Benedek's moody reading of The Cyclists' Raid by Frank Rooney also spawned one of cinema's most famous exchanges. When Brando is asked, "what are you rebelling against?", he memorably replies: "what have you got?"

One of the best performances at the recent Glastonbury festival was by REM. Frontman Michael Stipe delivered a typically magnetic display and you can now remind yourself what all the fuss was about with The Greatest Hits of... REM (6pm VH1).