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THE STARS of Friends are never going to be cast in an Ingmar Bergman- type film, but they do their job well enough in lightweight comedies such as this. In Picture Perfect (8pm Sky Premier), Jennifer Aniston (right), plays a woman who in order to further her career asks boy-next-door Jay Mohr to pose as her boyfriend. Once this "partner" appears, she arouses the interest of a predatory colleague played by Kevin Bacon.

As his latest film, Mickey Blue Eyes, reminds us, Hugh Grant excels as an embarrassed Englishman. He adds another to his bulging portfolio of such roles in The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill, But Came Down a Mountain (6pm FilmFour). In Christopher Monger's light comedy, he and Ian McNeice play two surveyors sent to a Welsh village to ascertain whether they live by a hill or a mountain.