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THE NATION was gripped by "Darcy-mania" in the wake of Colin Firth's performance as the male lead in the BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice. So the actor made a smart move in going on to do something very different in Fever Pitch (8pm FilmFour). Firth (right) excels in the role of the shambling teacher torn between his love of a colleague (Ruth Gemmell) and of Arsenal Football Club. Director David Evans captures that sense of lovable obsessiveness that permeates the Nick Hornby book on which it is based.

In a neat double bill, Fever Pitch is teamed with The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (6pm FilmFour). Thorold Dickinson's 1939 thriller has Leslie Banks as a detective looking into the murder of a footballer during a match against Arsenal. As in Fever Pitch, much of the action was shot in the environs of Highbury.