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BOB HOSKINS (right), who is currently filming the role of Mr Micawber for the BBC's starry version of David Copperfield, has had many high-profile film outings (Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Mona Lisa). But it is debatable whether he has ever surpassed The Long Good Friday (10.10pm FilmFour), his film debut as a lead. In John Mackenzie's memorable 1979 thriller, he simply dominates the screen as Harold Shand, the charismatic East End gangster whose empire comes under threat from mysterious terrorists. The scene where he hangs all his rivals upside down on meat- hooks to try to get to the bottom of the attacks on his manor lingers in the mind.

Many neutrals like the look of David O'Leary's young Elland Road outfit. They will be tested in tonight's clash, Leeds United vs Liverpool (7pm Sky Sports 1)