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NED BEATTY (right) has been in a number of classy movies over the years - from Network through Deliverance to The Big Easy and Nashville. He is also currently starring in the latest offering from Robert Altman, Cookie's Fortune. But perhaps his finest hour came in Hear My Song (8pm FilmFour), a charming romantic comedy from Peter Chelsom. Beatty plays Josef Locke, a 1950's singer with such a beautiful voice it made women weep. At the peak of his fame, he was compelled to skip Britain and disappear for tax reasons. Now a down-on-his- luck concert promoter (Adrian Dunbar) is trying to locate him to boost his failing venue.

Elizabeth Taylor, Burl Ives and Paul Newman shine in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (11.30pm TNT), Richard Brooks's well-made adaptation of the famous Tennessee Williams play.