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DANIEL DAY-LEWIS is famous for his research. For The Boxer (8pm Sky Premier, right), he went to great lengths to get into his part as a former IRA member who finds his true love (Emily Watson) married to his best friend when he gets out after 14 years in jail. He goes on to set up a boxing gym for boys from both sides of the religious divide. Day-Lewis spent time training with real boxers to hone his skills. This only enhances the glistening intensity - something of a Day-Lewis speciality - with which he endows the part in Jim Sheridan's gripping drama.

A quadruple bill of Richard Gere films tonight on Sky Cinema runs as follows: Days of Heaven (6pm), Power (8pm), the excellent Internal Affairs (10pm) with Andy Garcia and American Gigolo (11.55pm). Fans might want to take the phone off the hook.