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OVER THE years, there have been several screen versions of Great Expectations (8pm Sky Premier, right), Charles Dickens' classic tale of the sentimental education of Pip. Alfonso Cuaron's interpretation, receiving its satellite premiere tonight, re-sites the story in the art scene of contemporary Manhattan. Ethan Hawke takes the lead as the innocent abroad, with an intimidating Robert De Niro as the criminal (Magwitch), Anne Bancroft plays the remote old woman (Miss Havisham), while Gwyneth Paltrow is a highly sensuous Estella.

A splendid Martin Scorsese double-bill on Sky Cinema opens with King of Comedy (8pm), his dark story about an obsessive fan (Robert De Niro) of a chat-show host (Jerry Lewis). This is followed by GoodFellas (10pm), his searing account of Henry Hill's life in the Mob.