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THE CRITICS may not always appreciate what Will Smith is doing - they certainly slated his latest offering, Wild, Wild West - but that makes no difference to his box-office clout. His appeal doubtless helped draw huge audiences for Men in Black (8pm Sky Premier, right), a good-natured sci-fi comedy from Barry Sonnenfeld. In a film rich with eye-popping special effects, Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play two secret agents whose job it is to police the Earth for aliens who have landed illegally. Rip Torn, who played Artie, the duplicitous producer in The Larry Sanders Show, is their boss.

Tim Roth has recently made a searing directorial debut with The War Zone, but he carved out his reputation as a committed actor in films such as Made in Britain (10pm FilmFour), Alan Clarke's hard-hitting 1983 work about a deranged skinhead.