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THE LIFE of Dublin gangster Martin Cahill has fascinated film- makers for a number of years. Ken Stott played the real-life villain who loved to taunt both the police and IRA in the BBC's Vicious Circle, while Brendan Gleeson (right) played the part in John Boorman's gripping film, The General (8pm Sky Premier). The facts of Cahill's life are pure drama. In a 20-year career, Cahill built up a reputation for violence, he stole more than pounds 30m and became Ireland's most wanted man. But at the same time he was charming, lived happily with two sisters and had children by both of them.

A Gregory Peck double bill on Sky Cinema features the classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller about the head of a mental asylum, Spellbound (8pm), and The Gunfighter (10pm), a durable western directed by Henry King.