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HIS STAR has sadly waned in recent times, but there was a period in the 1980s when Mickey Rourke (right) was one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. In this fertile era, he made such challenging pictures as Year of the Dragon (10pm Sky Cinema), a tough policer from Michael Cimino. In this often graphically violent film, he plays a hardcase New York cop who becomes obsessed with toppling a crime boss (John Lone).

Rourke does his troubled-soul act again in Angel Heart (10.10pm FilmFour). In Alan Parker's moody, if sometimes overblown thriller, he plays a Fifties private detective in New York. He is commissioned by a mysterious client, Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro at his menacing best) to track down a singer who has been missing for many years. A trail of bodies and clues soon lead him to New Orleans.