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IT MAY be episodic, but that's part of the attraction of Easy Rider (12.20am FilmFour, right). Dennis Hopper's directorial debut - the seminal late-1960s sex, drugs and rock'n'roll picture - was merely reflecting the times. Many of the film's scenes of Hopper and Peter Fonda riding across America on big bikes with their hair blowing in the wind have achieved mythic status.

Alternatively, Woody Allen fans will find a recent offering, Deconstructing Harry (12.15am Sky Premier), to keep them company in the early hours. This surreal comic tale stars Allen as writer Harry Block, whose bad-tempered, self-centred ways, and habit of using any and everyone who comes into his life as fodder for his work, drive others to distraction. As well as a manic but funny journey to pick up an award at his alma mater, it also boasts a great cameo from Robin Williams.