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STEVE MCQUEEN (right) never really had a high opinion of his job. He once said: "In my own mind, I'm not sure that acting is something for a grown man to be doing." Audiences, however, seemed to enjoy watching him doing it. Bullitt (10pm Sky Cinema) is one of his best offerings, featuring perhaps the world's most famous car chase. In Peter Yates's reading of the novel, Mute Witness, by Robert L Pike, McQueen plays a tough San Francisco detective assigned to protect a Mafia informant. Thanks to a cleverly edited car advert, this film is enjoying a renaissance.

Radiohead are one of the bands of the late 1990s. Grant Gee's Radiohead: Meeting People Is Easy (11.45pm FilmFour), showing for the first time tonight, is a rockumentary following the acclaimed Oxford band on their huge OK Computer tour.

James Rampton