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AS BRIDGET Jones never ceased to remind to us, Colin Firth (right) is the ultimate heart-throb. He lends his smouldering good looks to the role of the cunning seducer in Valmont (8pm FilmFour). When it was released, it was overshadowed by the Stephen Frears's version of the same story made a year earlier. However, Milos Forman's film still provides a witty insight into the sexual antics of the French aristocracy during the 18th century. Amongst a top-notch cast, Annette Bening and Meg Tilly have particular fun as high- class schemers.

Jude Law has always made intriguing film choices - he has been in movies as varied as The Final Cut and Wilde. He also stars alongside Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman in Gattaca (8pm Sky Premier), an unusual sci-fi offering from Andrew Niccol, set in a future in which society is divided along genetic lines.

James Rampton