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From ClarissaH@greatestates.co.uk

hurrah for richard branson and fair play!

Oh God, Anna you won't believe it. This Rob guy that Jon brought round to the flat is the Rob. You know the Rob of Sasha's party fame. noooo i can't bear to think about it.

hated bossman solmes is lurking. must sign off. love C xxx

From annahowe@richardsons.com

oh come on you can't send a msg like that. what on earth did you say to each other. WHAT HAPPENED?

From ClarissaH

o don't worry, as far as i was concerned i might well have never existed. jon was sniggering away, he obviously knew the whole story -

From annahowe

what that you got so drunk that u couldn't stand up, attempted to snog him and then threw up -

anna xx

From ClarissaH

yeah and still not sure how i got home. jon managed to say "Now i'm sure you two know each other v well," before cracking up.

Rob looked at me as if i was some sort of slug he'd never met. Thank God for that. if he'd remembered me it wd have been 10 times worse.

From annahowe

oh yeah so u didn't mind that he couldn't tell u from adam...?

From ClarissaH



wd have been fine if hadn't been for christina...

From annahowe

god up to her old tricks again?

From ClarissaH

the way she was sucking up to him had to be seen to be believed.

"great flat so wonderfully kitsch," he said when he walked in

"we designed it all ourselves," purred christina. how u can design a battered armchair, a table with three chairs and a lava lamp?

From annahowe

particularly a lava lamp that doesn't even work

From ClarissaH

yeah as usual one large lump rose halfway and stayed there. even christina went a bit quiet then haha.

i was making some notes & he asked what i did. christina tittered and said `tell him clary' gritted my teeth and said i worked - temporarily - for an estate agent.

From annahowe

hysteria all round i spose

From ClarissaH

as far as christina and jon were concerned yes. rob laughed slightly said oh well the rent has to be paid doesn't it. cheered up a bit after that.

apparently he works in advertising and then went on for about five hrs about his job - yawn. jon capped it by going on about all the bands he manages (er one dance act called Spew) felt depressed drank half btl wine and started telling jokes.

From annahowe

pls tell me they weren't clinton ones - so boring......fed up of whole thing now.....want to hear a decent robin cook one.

From clarissaH

fell silent halfway thru when realised jon was edging discreetly from room and christina practically had her chin on rob's nipple.

o god hope she doesn't keep up this habit of noisy sex. even ella fitzgerald can't drown christina out.

anyway obviously i'm glad he can't remember who i am and i didn't find him attractive in the first place but how can he just go and sleep with my flat mate anyway?? it's outrageous... have boys no sense of loyalty........?

From annahowe

o god where have u been for last 26 yrs. of course not...

From ClarissaH

Felt I had to go to andrea for my therapy session after all that. she was still banging on about unresolved anger in my life.

"of course i've got unresolved anger," i said. "i do a crap job. i'm accused of nicking food from the flat. a boy who i once met at a party sleeps with my flatmate and i only just fit into a size 12. what's so great about any of that?'

she sat there for a minute playing with her worry beads.

"you need to learn to love yourself. you need to embrace your inner child. you need to have a greater sense of self esteem," andrea finally said. "and buy yr clothes from M&S. they do very generous sizes."

my horrible brother jim has been trying to send me msgs all day. can't be good news - can it?