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From jimharlowe@cam.ac.uk

Hey Clarissa!

Mum gave me yr e-mail address so as yr ever-luvin brother thought i'd drop u a line. how are u? missing u loads as always. cambridge is cool as ever, long live student life.

thing is, i am in a bit of trouble though, wonder if u cd lend me some dosh - just a loan. otherwise i can't pay my rent, and mum'll go ape if i ring her again.

lots of luv jim xxx

From ClarissaH@greatestates.co.uk

o god how much for? i'm not bailing u out again after this. u can turn to overdrafts or prostitution or whatever normal students do when they don't have any money. C xxx

From jimharlowe

pounds 250 , pretty pretty please

From ClarissaH

u are joking. i will scrape together pounds 150 and that is the absolute limit. go and live at home. C xxx

From jimharlowe

u are the bestest sister in the whole wide world. i promise i'll try to spend it on rent. luv jim

From ClarissaH

Hello Anna!

u won't believe it. i've had to bail jim out again. what's a girl to do? it's all v well tony blair talking about the giving society. i thought if i gave jim some money i wd feel all nice and warm inside. instead i feel cross i can't have my hair highlighted or buy that skirt we saw, boo hoo.

From annahowe@richardsons.com

good for u bailing out jim. remember how tuff it was being a student.

how's work. here it's dreadful. keep on feeling that i'm not being taken seriously enuff. maybe i shd take the copy of jilly cooper off my desk and replace it with the female eunuch.

From ClarissaH

god no, germaine greer is so last yr. u need one of the trendy new feminist bks instead. i've got 3 at home but can't bear to open them cos i'll only find how far short of feminist ideals i fall.

From annahowe

if u ask me i'd like a bit of good old bra-burning. feel i've missed out on the first time and it just takes the fun out of everything if u agree with everything, have to worry about yr lippy and wear a wonderbra. i want to be ANGRY and rant at men and say that life's crap unless yr a young beautiful woman. grrr

From ClarissaH

ok take it easy.

From annahowe

no i'm fed up i want to be cross with men, never shave my legs again and abolish the horrible commercialism that is valentines day. and i'm going to think about how i'm going to achieve this.

From ClarissaH

oh if you're worried about not getting a valentine card, don't worry i'll send u one for that all important face saving moment. am dreading saturday here. christina keeps on mooning round waiting for jon's friend rob to ring. jon is hiding in his room.

i think jon knows that rob is the sort of bastard who doesn't ring. i think he knows i know. now what does natasha walter or melissa benn have to say about that i wonder?


From ClarissaH

sorry had to bail out. hated bossman solmes came round and had to press send. look, if i send u a valentine, will u send me one. can't bear to be the only one in the flat without something and i'm not quite sad enough to send one to myself. yet. don't forget.

mum just rang up spoke for 20 mins, till i had to remind her that i was in work and couldn't discuss all options for granny's 80th. said something about jim going away ... i don't understand????

**Urgent email from jimharlowe to billcolman@cam.ac.uk**

Bill mate, it's cool. my sister's coughed up so i'm on for majorca. get those tickets and we'll sort out how to get back later!

meet you with a rucksack at the airport.

hasta la vista! jim