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terrified i will be seen as creep with halitosis fetish ...
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From ClarissaH@greatestates.co.uk

Look london's answer to darren day and tracy shaw where are u hiding? send me a message now

From annahowe@richardsons.com

david is nothing like darren day, u cowbag. honest i wd never go near a man that dumped someone like anna friel.

From ClarissaH

urggh i think he's like the worst of jason donovan and cliff richard rolled into one. anna deserved better.

anyway i have to get the hated bossman solmes thing out of the way. i'm convinced christina has rung him up to tell him i'd messed up my degree and had got the world's crappest job under false pretences.

From annahowe

well u hav to admit u did.

From ClarissaH

look i can safely say my history degree has not been used at all since i joined here. except for calculating how long it is since solmes last changed his socks, hee hee. but how am going to explain lying on my cv?

From annahowe

typing error?

From ClarissaH

he wont buy that.

From annahowe

how about there were 2 clarissa harlowes doing same subject and they got yr grades mixed up? it's happened

From ClarissaH

o yeah to someone with a name like john smith maybe. hardly seeing as i was the only clarissa in only 4 yrs. i'm just going to have to throw myself on his mercy and tell truth. ... o god solmes just came over.

"we have something rather serious to talk about' i said.

"mmm?" he replied.

"can we talk privately?"i said.

he looked puzzled then smiled. "Good im glad u r being understanding and adult about this. we need to get it sorted out."

"yes we do," i said feeling wretched.

" u are right. now is not the time to do it though," he said. "not in front of everyone. meet me in the wine bar at 12.45."

"ok" i said. so that's that. less than 2 hrs left of employment. another dash for solvency ruined by my stupidity and christina's determination that i'd never get near rob again.

After lunch...

From annahowe

So? What did he say?

From ClarissaH

u wont believe this.

went down to the bar and thought get it over with. "i'm sorry," i said. "i just needed the job so much that i wasn't completely truthful. i didnt think my degree was that relevant - "

i ground to a halt. he was looking completely baffled. "what are u talking about?" he said.

"i thought - my flatmate christina - she said ..." i said.

"your flatmate?" he was completely lost now. i realised i'd made a huge mistake. "never mind," i said hastily. "what do u want to speak to me about that's really important?"

From annahowe

another payrise surely?

From ClarissaH

o god he poured me another glass of wine, sighed and said "we get on so well and we understand each other very well clarissa, dont we?"

"We do?" i said. (news to me).

"i know u wouldn't have asked me out if u werent interested. well i've always found u very attractive and i know u find me attractive too -"

From annahowe


From ClarissaH

"but really," he said. "u cant continue like this. all these knowing jokes about clinton and lewinsky and everything. u must just learn to keep yr feelings under control and realise that it can never be. im sorry but i am yr boss and we must keep it that way. otherwise (deep sigh) i might be tempted to do something u regret"

From annahowe

so what did u do? throw wine in face? kick him? storm out?

From ClarissaH

wot cd i say? "i find u repulsive." sat there with fixed grin and said " there's been a bit of a misunderstanding".

"good girl" he smirked (yuk) "glad that u r playing the right game. we'll just both pretend it didnt happen."

great cd not convince him otherwise without being rude and losing job. i am terrified he will tell someone else in the office. not only will i be seen as worlds biggest creep i will be seen as creep with halitosis fetish. i think i'm going to have to pull a sicky tomorrow.