Edinburgh Festival 1994: Cinema

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To Live (Filmhouse 1, 031-229 2550, 14 Aug). Zhang Yimou's latest is about stoicism and revolution, one man's resilience in the turmoil of China between the 1940s and the present day. With another luminous performance from Gong Li, Zhang's leading lady from Ju Dou onwards.

The Hudsucker Proxy (Filmhouse 1, 031-229 2550, 14 Aug). The new Coen brothers' comedy draws heavily on the old, pastiching Forties' social comedies. Tim Robbins, Paul Newman and Jennifer Jason Leigh star.

Faust (Filmhouse 1, 031-229 2550, 15 Aug). The great animator Jan Svankmajer's first feature since Alice (1988) uses a variety of sources - Goethe, Marlowe, Gounod, Czech puppet theatre - to bring the Faust story up to date.

Tavernier Masterclass (Cameo 2, 031- 221 9898, 18 Aug). Bertrand Tavernier, one of the more cerebral of today's directors, holds court. He is in Edinburgh to introduce a retrospective of his hero Andre de Toth who, along with Shohei Imamura, is this year's featured director.

It's All True and Don Quixote (Filmhouse 1, 031-229 2550, 19 Aug). Two fascinating unfinished Orson Welles films: his portmanteau South American documentary of the Forties (with interviews on its troubled history) and the Cervantes adaptation he spent his latter years chasing.

Shallow Grave (MGM1, 031-229 2550, 19 Aug). A Scottish black comedy, about Edinburgh yuppies and their dead flat-mate, which has created a good buzz. It's directed by Danny Boyle (who did Mr Wroe's Virgins for the BBC) and produced by Andrew MacDonald, grandson and biographer of Emeric Pressburger.

The Hairy Hand (Filmhouse 2, 031-229 2550, and Cameo 3, 031-221 9898, 21 Aug). A themed day of screenings and talks devoted to Robert Louis Stevenson, Jekyll and Hyde, and duality. Including a lecture by Karl Miller, author of Doubles.

Dear Diary (Filmhouse 1, 031-229 2550, 21 Aug). The movie as video diary in Nanni Moretti's whimsical comedy, highly acclaimed at Cannes.

Dazed and Confused (Filmhouse 1, 031-229 2550, 24 Aug). Richard Linklater's follow-up to Slacker, a nostalgic take on drugs and drifting in America in the Seventies.

Three Colours: Red (Filmhouse 1, 031-229 2550, 25 Aug). The friendship between a judge (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and a younger woman (Irene Jacob) in Krzysztof Kieslowski's conclusion to his trilogy.

Speed (Cameo 1, 031-221 9898, 27 Aug). A bomb is primed to go off on a bus if it slips below 50 mph. Keanu Reeves does the heroics in this US summer hit.