Edinburgh Festival: Box office
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In the second of an

occasional series of

poems, John Hegley takes

the Edinburgh pulse

Voodoo Tattoo Chile

That morning her festival

supplement said

there's change in the air,

comedy is the old rock and


That night she rolled up at

her venue,

it was called The Cupboard.

It was a cupboard.

It was theatre

and it was good theatre.

But there was still no air


That night, late night,

she went back to her flat

and sat with a toasted bagel.

From the room's corner

Jimi Hendrix boasted the real

rock and roll.

She considered the spelling

of Jimi.

She thought how cool it was. John Hegley is at Venue 14, Traverse nightly to Sun; then 11pm 19-24 Aug 0131-228 1404

We have five pairs of tickets to each of the following shows. To receive yours, just take this copy of The Independent to the venue. First come, first served.

A SUPER COLLIDER FOR THE FAMILY Hyperactive beanpole comedian Ben Moor takes his audience on a global safari. Pleasance, Venue 33, 16.00-17.00

THE RICH FULCHER SHOW Science meets hand puppets? Find out how in Rich Fulcher's surreal and comic lecture on life.Pleasance, Venue 33, 16.10-17.10

BURNS BABY BURNS Scotland's most famous versifier goes disco in a poetry-comedy explosion. Gilded Balloon, Venue 38, 16.15-17.15