Edinburgh Festival 97: Theatre: Chicks with Flicks

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In the middle of her deliciously tongue-in-cheek lecture demonstration, song (and hair) stylist Jackie Clune hits you with the hitherto hidden truth. Before the Spice quintet jumped off the rack, the original perpetrators of girl power, were, in fact, The Nolan Sisters. Not only that, the Seventies singing sibling sensation were arrested during the poll tax riots and sued for pounds 2bn by the James Joyce Estate for plagiarism of Finnegans Wake.

Increasingly observed fake biographies provide the inspired links in Clunes's guide to the Carmen Rock 'n' Rollers. A winningly stern presence in patchwork denim pant suit with a particularly perky strawberry blonde flick that would give Rula Lenska a run for her money, Clune seduces her audience with eerily accurate impersonations of such vocal and tonsorial talents as Kelly Marie (the bastardised brush-out) to the aspirational curls of Marie Osmond. "Does anyone here have any idea what this song is about?" she cries, knee deep in her spot-on rendition of Olivia Newton John's "Xanadu"? No, but we lap it up all the same. By the time she launches into her truly captivating Karen Carpenter, the audience are eating out of her hand. Jennifer Aniston, eat your heart out.

Assembly Rooms. To 30 Aug (0131-226 2428)