Edinburgh Festival '98: Day Planner Your

Hour-By-Hour Guide to What's Best at the Festival and Fringe
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11 AM


11.30-12.15 Play Wisty for Me: The Life of Peter Cook. Few people could speak with the voice of EL Wisty as surely as Matthew Perret in this two- man show about Cook's life and work. It never outstays its welcome and individual gags are hilarious.

Pleasance Below, to 31 Aug, pounds 5-pounds 6 (pounds 4-pounds 5)



12.30-2.00 Richard III. Malachai Bogdanov's toddler version of the Shakespeare play may rob the characters of their full range, but the cast achieve the fusion of kindergarten and courtly intrigue with aplomb.

Pleasance, Venue 33, today and tomorrow, pounds 8 (pounds 6).



4.35-5.35 Tamogotchi Heaven. Adults-only tragi-comic tale of a woman and her cyberpet. Pleasance (venue 33), 60 The Pleasance (556 6550). Price pounds 6.50 (pounds 5.50). Until 31 Aug.


4.50-5.50 Peepolykus - Horses for Courses. Ssurreal comedy thriller.

Pleasance (venue 33), 60 The Pleasance (556 6550). Price pounds 7 (pounds 6). Until 31 Aug.



7.20-10.30 Destino Tango. With Dutch maestros Sexteto Can-yengue and dancers Club Tango 5. Graffiti, corner of Broughton and East London Streets. Price pounds 8.50 (pounds 7.50). To 31 Aug



8.15-9.30 Cool Beat, Urban Heat. One of the most exciting American dance shows of the year. Rapid-fire jazz plus the power of hip-hop. Gilded Balloon. Price pounds 9.50 (pounds 8.50). To 5 Sept.



9.00-10.00 Jason Byrne. Frenetic and lunatic humour from one of this year's serious Perrier contenders. The king of off-the-cuff, he takes look-at-me petulance to an art form. His first solo Edinburgh show. Pleasance (venue 33). Price pounds 7.50 (pounds 6.50). Until 31 Aug.


9.25-10.25 Al Murray: the Pub Landlord, Keeper of the Pint Cosmic.

Cruelly denied the Perrier Award on two previous occasions, Murray returns for a third stint behind the bar with his acute observations on just what it means to be male and British. Not to be missed.

Pleasance (venue 33). Price pounds 8.50 (pounds 7.50). Until 31 Aug


9.45-10.45 Junior Simpson. More up-to-the minute material from the popular stand-up who dares to tackle issues such as the fiasco surrounding the Stephen Lawrence trial. Assembly Rooms, to 30 Aug, pounds 9-pounds 10 (pounds 8-pounds 9)



10.15-11.15 The League Against Tedium.

Simon Munnery's megalomaniacal creation - an antidote to middle-of-the- road comedy blues and an outside bet for this year's Perrier Award.

Pleasance Above (venue 33). Price pounds 8-pounds 9 (pounds 7-pounds 8). Until 31 Aug