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ARE CLOTHES going out of fashion? Last week, performance art addicts at the ICA were treated to some naked poetry courtesy of two peacockish Russian clowns called Vladimir and Tim.

Now comedian Mark Little - yes, the one who played Joe Mangel in Neighbours (see The Independent Dayplanner, left)- has come over all lyrical. His latest show, "Spontaneous Combustion", which was unveiled on Saturday at the Assembly Rooms, comprises four stages: build-up, prenude, post- nude and climax.

Roars of laughter mingled with shocked gasps greeted the sight of Little without his kit reciting a "poem" on a lewd / rude theme. Proof, if proof were needed, that you don't need material, comic or otherwise, to keep people entertained.

Does Little live up to his name? You'll have to go see for yourselves.