Edinburgh Festival '99: Free Fringe Tickets

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Tickets are available to the first Independent readers to take a copy of today's paper to the box-office of the venues listed below.

David Strassman

22.00 The Pleasance, Venue 33, five pairs

Ventriloquism with attitude - think Ray Allen as directed by David Cronenberg

Sexual Perversion in Chicago, 16.45 (17.45), Rocket Venues, Venue 123, five pairs

David Mamet's comedy about how a sexual liaison affects the way in which four people talk, think and feel about sex.

Death Without Tears

19.45 (21.15), Diverse Attractions, Venue 11, five pairs

Arthur Rimbaud is in hospital in Marseilles. Is his deathbed Catholic conversion sincere, or is he still the visionary poet?