Edinburgh Festival 99: Pick of the Day

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l Yes, Yes, Yes

Continental Shifts at St Bride's, Venue 62, 10pm, pounds 6 A journey round India on a quest for the meaning of life and the answer to whether or not you can get blood from lice is the basis for this delightful comedy. Featuring mustard powder, a 5ft stuffed kangaroo and a 15-minute filmed chase sequence, it defies logical analysis. But who cares when a show's this much fun?

l Titus Andronicus

The Pleasance, Venue 33, 2.10pm, pounds 5 -pounds 6 Rape, murder and mutilation fashion this rollercoaster of destruction. It is a demanding play at the best of times, but the English Shakespeare Company infuses it with imagination and verve. Special mention goes to the unexpected costume design, which lends a comic twist and heightens the sense of the macabre which is at the heart of the play.

l The Nation's Favourite: The True Adventures of Radio 1

The Pleasance, Venue 33, 6.15pm, pounds 6 - pounds 8 Bitchy, intimate and delightfully gossipy, this is the history of Radio 1 and its presenters. Alex Lowe has a quick eye and a quick ear, delivering a confection of caricatures ranging from Simon Bates to Zoe Ball. This show has it all: wit, pizzazz, imagination and, of course, Chris Evans.

l Harmon Leon: Yank Me!

The Stand, Venue 5, 5pm, pounds 5 Anyone who trots out the cliche "Americans don't understand irony" needs to see Harmon Leon. Unlike any other American stand-up in Edinburgh, this Fringe virgin covers topics from Beautiful Baby competitions to Christian punk bands with exquisite originality. Expect to see Henrik Larson sounding like Dr Evil. Excellent.

l Tim Vine and the Minotaur

The Pleasance, Venue 33, 5.20pm, pounds 6 - pounds 7 If you've had your fill of bad language and politics on the Fringe comedy circuit, then Tim Vine is just what you need. Never seeming to draw breath, Vine and his downtrodden side-kick Archer tell approximately a gag per minute and sing silly songs about wax crayons. It's even safe to bring the children.