Edinburgh Festival '99: Pick of the Day - The five must-see shows

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Greyfriars Kirk Yard, Venue 99, 6.40pm, pounds 6

Betrayal, blood, madness and murder flood the back streets and closes of Edinburgh's Old Town in this innovative walking performance of the Scottish play in which we become accomplices in 's course of violent self-destruction.

At Last! War, Death, Famine and Pestilence

Gilded Balloon, Venue 38, 7.45pm, pounds 7

You know these people - you live next door to some of them, but you probably never realised just how funny they could be until now.

Greg Proops

The Assembly Rooms, Venue 3, 8.30pm, pounds 9

The acclaimed ringmaster of sarcastic one-liners, his new one-man show is sure to be a sell-out

X-Rated Revue

Over-Seas House, Venue 19, 11.15pm, pounds 7

Sickos, weirdos, priests and Friends all converge to re-define black humour.

Arctic Boosh

Pleasance Above, Venue 33, 6pm, pounds 8.50

Even better than last year's Perrier Newcomer award-winning show, Barratt and Fielding are chilled to perfection this time round.