Edinburgh Festival Day 1: Reviews: Dorian Crook with Sir Bernard Chumley

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Sir Bernard Chumley makes for a startling spectacle. Combining the jowled countenance of an obese nine-year-old with the attire and mannerisms of an elderly country squire, he holds forth with likely reminiscences of a life in the theatre; like the time he defecated over Felicity Kendal, and other dull old actorly tales you've heard again and again from such luminaries as Peter Ustinov. Mid- stream, he breaks out of character to bark some unintelligible abuse at himself, before lapsing back into raconteur mode with a dignified toss of his rug. Dorian Crook, meanwhile, specialises in the sort of intricate punning Basil Brush fans might appreciate. He was voted The Face's 'Hot Tip for 1994', presumably more for his natty dress sense than comedic ability. Still, Chumley's the chap; as cult as they come.

Gilded Balloon (venue 38), 233 Cowgate, (031-226 2151). To 3 Sept (not 16, 23 Aug).