Edinburgh Festival Day 1: Reviews: Gee] Wow] The life and times of Clive Neon: Warhol superstar

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Stephen Dinsdale, the author of last year's surprise Edinburgh and London success Anorak of Fire, has reassembled his creative team for a sequel. The result is a cherry-sweet fantasy about a radish-packer, shot to fame and fortune after meeting Andy Warhol. An authentic pop art atmosphere is created by the Lou Reed soundtrack, transvestite monologues and a startling Warhol lookalike wig. A soft heart, however, is supplied by James Holmes's pucker-lipped Brummie, a grub who hatches into Warhol's favourite butterfly. Holmes still has enough energy left for a gutsy I-wannabe-me epilogue that gets him out of the pop art pickle in time for the curtain call.

Assembly Rooms (venue 3), 54 George St, (031-226 2428). To 21 Aug.