Edinburgh Festival Day 1: Word of Mouth

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A DAILY antidote to the professional critics from people who know: performers and punters. Rolf Harris, cartoonist, singer and antipodean par excellence, did not hesitate in making his recommendation: 'The Doug Anthony Allstars are the only thing worth seeing.' Sally Ray, a fellow Australian, was also backing the home team: 'Bob Downe - I've seen him lots of times so I made an effort to see him first.' Gary Parker, English and proud of it, chose to start the day with his country's own star export: 'Shakespeare for Breakfast - an amusing account of how Shakespeare's not all he's cracked up to be.' Willie Murray was also hot on the Bard, choosing Cambridge Counterfeits' Much Ado About Nothing: 'I enjoyed the whole thing.' Evelyn and Wighton Clark were agreed on their choice: Reminiscences of a Southern Girlhood by Danceteller Philadelphia. 'Very professional,' she said; 'Very personal,' he said.