Edinburgh Festival Day 11: Apparently ..

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LIFE could be a circus for the acts at the now-defunct FEAST. After a report on this page yesterday that the companies at FEAST were trying to keep their shows on the road after FEAST ceased trading, Zippo's Circus has come up with an offer of tent-space. Zippo's performances have been moved to the post-school slots of 5pm and 7.30pm, leaving a licensed but empty big top during daylight hours. Ex-FEAST performers who'd like to negotiate a transfer to the Meadows should contact Verena Cornwall on 031-662 0532.

THE BALLOON burst in the seventh and final heat of the Gilded Balloon's stand-up talent contest, So You Think You're Funny? The judges were so unamused they declined to choose a heat-winner, picking instead two runners-up of previous heats to go into Sunday's final. The hot tip, an Oxford philosophy don, failed to show, and other acts included a reverse striptease and a rant against Channel 4 - unwise, perhaps, given C 4's sponsorship of the competition.

A RADIO 1 team, at the Pleasance on Monday to tape material for a new comedy series, Fist of Fun, may have got less than they bargained for. One technician muttered that Jenny Eclair's act was so filthy that nothing after the word 'hello' was broadcastable. Richard Herring of Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World, meanwhile, was settling a score. Making a 'humorous award', Herring named his worst Fringe critic as the List's Stephen Chester. Might that not be, his stage-partner Stewart Lee suggested, because Chester had slated Herring's other show, Ra-Ra-Rasputin? Herring conceded the point, but it didn't stop at least one member of the audience leaving, Stephen Chester.