Edinburgh Festival Day 11: Reviews: Donna McPhail

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'I only added the Mc for a touch of Scottishness,' she says. 'Really I'm Donna Phail.' According to that logic she should drop the Phail too, because McPhail has succeeded where others haven't, in making a show that men and women can enjoy equally. Feminist jokes from this freshly out lesbian aren't aimed at men but at the real enemy - 'ladies' and their high-heeled, snot-free existence. She complains, half-seriously, that too much has been made of the seven minutes she devotes to her sexuality, but those seven minutes are among the most honest, relaxed and funny material on the Fringe.

Gilded Balloon, (venue 38) 233 Cowgate (031-226 2151). 8.30pm to 4 Sept (not 31 Aug).