Edinburgh Festival Day 11: Word of Mouth

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WORD is buzzing about Edinburgh's favourite female stand-up, Donna McPhail. 'She has a divine linen jacket,' says Bridget Eadie from Manchester. 'She's the only person I don't resent at the comedy festival.' But the real hot shots seem to be at the gender-flexing Traverse. Alex Cook from London was bowled over by the gay love story Sleeping With You, now unfortunately at the end of its run: 'I felt awful when I went in and I came out feeling fab and sexy.' Dan O'Neill of the Featherstonehaughs felt the same way about Neil Bartlett's Night after Night, also at the Traverse; Lucy Rix from London raved about it too, because it was 'sentimental but not naff'. And today's celebrity selection comes from Pieter Dirk Uys who recommends the entire Traverse programme. 'The hits are hits and the misses are even more fascinating,' the frocked South African says.