Edinburgh Festival / Day 15: Perrier Award

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This year's Perrier Pick of the Fringe Award, announced in a shopping mall at midnight on Saturday, has gone to . . . Lano and Woodley. 'Who?' chorused the gathering of astonished press and performers, partly because the PA had broken down but chiefly because no one had heard of them, let alone seen the show. The decision was described as 'bizarre' by one of the Perrier judges, Vicky Coren. The winners, an Australian double-act blending traditional variety with stand-up, receive a pounds 3,000 prize and a gig at the Lyric Theatre, London, on 2 October. Not giving the prize to the more bankable favourites, Alan Davies and Harry Hill, has at least put a temporary stop to the traditional post-Perrier cries of 'Fix]'.