Edinburgh festival Day 16: Reviews: It takes forever if you go by inertia

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The word 'gangling' was invented for Ben Moor; his body seems to consist be made entirely of elbows. His mind, too, lurches at odd tangents; this scripted, sketch-based solo outing encompasses a tour through hell, time-paradoxes, the worldwide breakdown of logic and causality, and a short film about toast. Moor apparently seems to take a while to get into his stride (or rather, his lope); in fact, he is sewing a series of running gags which noodle back ever more daftly at unexpected intervals. (I thought I'd never laugh at 'Bohemian Rhapsody' again before this show). Clever (though not clever-clever) and frenetically loopy, Moor is a comedy natural.

Pleasance (venue 33), 60 The Pleasance (031-556 6550). 12.30pm to 4 Sept (not today).