Edinburgh Festival Day 17: Mooi street moves

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A terrified white man is offered a plate of food by a friendly black man: from its opening image, Paul Slabolpszy's funny, fast-paced play suggests itself as an allegory for the confusions that abound in the new South Africa, without compromising its dramatic logic. Martin LeMaitre plays the inoffensive red-neck Henry Stone, whose bafflement grows as he realises that times have changed and now only the ducking, weaving, black (in both senses) marketeer Stix (excellent Zane Meas) can help him out.

Traverse (venue 15), Cambridge St (031- 228 1404). 5.30pm 31 Aug; 8pm 1 Sept; 12.30pm 2 Sept; 3pm 3 Sept; Transfers to the Cochrane Theatre, London WC1 (071-242 7040) 6-17 Sept