Edinburgh Festival Day 19: Reviews: Conquistador of the useless

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Mark Little, fine comic that he is, would be the first to admit that his role in Neighbours as Joe Mangel has been instrumental in pulling in 600- strong full houses to the Assembly Rooms all week: pre-show audience chat consisted mostly of Joe's romantic grapplings with Melanie. For Little, however, Neighbours is history. His hand was forced when he realised there was a plan afoot to make a soap sequel entitled Cyber Neighbours. 'I didn't want my kids in virtual reality glasses feeling what it's like to be Jim Robinson's shirt. So I said 'No' to Cyber Neighbours, and now I've come over all absurd.' Not so much absurd, as Nouveau Dada Australian Deconstructionalist. Little's show combines freewheeling stand-up comedy with experimental theatre in a quest to unearth a new Dada movement in art. A hyperactive, naturally funny entertainer, Little works his theme of new age ecology with a refreshing delight in the meaninglessness of performance art. This is amateur dramatics shot through with David Ickeian comedy. If, at any moment, he suffers a loss of nerve, Little, in green tie-dye shell-suit, white facepaint and green lipstick, steps into his 'ring of confidence', a circle of stones 'borrowed' from the Isle of Arran. The notion of anti-performance was made for someone like Little.

Assembly Rooms, 54 George St (venue 3), 031-226 2428. 6pm. To 5 Sept. Mark Little reflects on the Festival in 'A Funny Old Week' on this page tomorrow