Edinburgh Festival Day 2: Apparently . . .

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HAVE YOU got a score to settle on the Fringe? Comedian Phil Kay is prepared to make spoof grudge phone calls on your behalf, live from the stage of the Gilded Balloon. On Sunday he called a man whose newly built barn had offended a punter's eye, and pretended to be a building standards officer. The unfortunate do-it- yourselfer - unaware he was being relayed over the GB's PA - only twigged when Kay threatened to turn up the next day with a bulldozer. Nice to see Kay pay tribute to that unsung begetter of alternative comedy, Noel Edmonds - who used the same trick on the radio in the Seventies.

'BEN MILLER'S HUGE' screamed the publicity, suggesting that the former John Noakes groupie was spectacularly endowed with talent. Perhaps; but co-writers Jez Butterworth and Simon Godley (who also direct and act respectively) were understandably miffed at the way their contributions had been portrayed. This has led to a late rewrite of the play in which Godley tells Miller, 'I can't actually remember you writing any of it.' The show, incidentally, concerns a duo of would-be comedy megastars who split up after arguing about who's the more talented.