Edinburgh Festival Day 2: Word of Mouth

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HELEN LEDERER, comedian, took all of 30 seconds to recommend Mark Thomas to punters. 'He's a confrontative and experiential, challenging, on-the-metal satirist,' she says. Not to be outdone, Mark Thomas directs the queue to Helen Lederer.' She's a charming and witty, playfully vulnerable earth mother.' Joe Traynor, from London, less nepotistically, offers comedian Jimeoin at the Fringe Club. 'He's quite different from the usual stand- ups. Not all dick jokes.' Sharon Duggal, also from London, enjoyed Stand Up Black America at the Pleasance, especially bald and beautiful comedian Rene Hicks. 'The performers were great. Unfortunately the audience was all white and didn't get it.' Comic of choice for Sophie Roberts of Small Fish Big Ponds Theatre Co is Harry Hill at the Pleasance: 'He's not particularly male.' For top-flight comedy Susan and Melinda Prenter from Edinburgh say 'Watch the bungee jumping. We've been twice today.' (The bungee jumping crane is at the Meadows every weekend.)