Edinburgh Festival Day 20: Reviews: Everything you wanted to know about Northern Ireland but were too terrorised to ask

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Belfast's Hole In The Wall theatre company prides itself on leaving no sacred cows unslaughtered. Its sketches and stand-up routines poke merciless fun at all parties involved in Ulster's problems. Beside the Irish jokes, the repartee includes a Blind Date take-off - Bishop Casey competing with David Mellor and Paddy Ashdown for the attentions of Fergie - and a Sportsnight-style running commentary on a production of Macbeth (the archetypal Troubles play). The company knows how to programme its set to supports its weaker material; they close each routine on a high note, notably a sketch with the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad glee club singing 'If You're Irish, Come Into The Courtroom'. Not surprisingly, many in their homeland dislike them; many more, however, applaud their irreverence and nerve.

Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers St (venue 36), 031-650 2395. 8.30pm. Last day.