Edinburgh Festival Day 3: Hot Ticket: Soiree

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The Hungarian performer Yvette Bozsik caused a storm of controversy at the 1991 Fringe with a terrifying one-woman show called Living Space, performed for almost an hour (until her air ran out) in a sealed perspex box. Now she has her own dance theatre company and her dramatic language is blossoming into a wise and deliciously funny form of expressionist theatre. Soiree is inspired by Sartre's play Huis Clos, and tells the story of three people confined in a suburban room which turns out to be Hell. In Bozsik's version, two butterfly socialites and a lizard-like seducer gather as if for a party. The characters and their relationships are unwound in crystal- clear wordless narrative. The witty score by Swiss composer Jean Philippe Heritier beautifully supports the choreography, which combines acrobatics, classical ballet and clockwork comedy reminiscent of Buster Keaton. Thirty years ago the Traverse Theatre, embodying the spirit of experimental drama in Edinburgh, opened with a production of Huis Clos directed by Terry Lane. Now, perhaps, that show has found its echo. Tom Morris

Demarco European Arts Foundation (venue 22), York Lane (031-557 0707). 1.15pm to 20 Aug.

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