Edinburgh Festival / Day 9: Side View

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BRUCE MORTON on his Big, Big House, and on making it up as he goes along

'I am a bit tense when I first get on stage. It's nice to talk about nothing at all for the first five or 10 minutes; that gets me relaxed. You get the first few laughs and it makes it easier to move into the main section of the show. Actually, it's now my favourite part of the show, because I'm not generally a comic who makes it up as I go along. I'm working on a new TV series, and so the material I'm doing during this run is stuff I've written and am trying to tailor for that. I do a bit about all the jars and potions in women's bathrooms, and I often see the women in the audience biting their hands while their husbands poke them in the sides. It's nice to know I'm hitting the mark.

'Big, Big House'. At the Assembly Rooms (venue 3) until 27 August

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