Edinburgh Festival Day 9: Word of Mouth

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James O'Brien, author of De-Tox at the Demarco Foundation, recommends that people buy their tickets now for From Heaven Through the World to Hell at FEAST. He describes the Polish production as a 'lyrical and poetic portrayal of the nature of evil'. Helen Raynor from Swansea enjoyed Reminiscences of Childhood, a one-man show about Dylan Thomas at Southside. 'It's bathed in a warm glow of nostalgia.' Ed Holland from New York got his rocks off at Sex after Supper at Hill Street Theatre. 'Very funny and tasteful.' Roger McGough, his show delayed by 20 minutes on Saturday night by a bomb scare, had time to ponder on his recommendation, then decisively plumped for Pete McCarthy. 'A dangerous performer who does material I wouldn't go anywhere near. Very refreshing.'