Edinburgh Festival Days 13 & 14: Independent Theatre Award

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Today we publish the second shortlist for the 1992 Independent Theatre Award. The winner of the award, who will receive a prize of a showcase at the Hampstead Theatre in London at the end of October, will be announced next week. Believer A blind man's world is beautifully evoked in Angus Reid's play, and Tam Dean Burn's performance. 369 Gallery, 10pm.

Eclipsed A moving, funny portrait of unmarried mothers in 1960s Ireland, who are doing penance in a laundry. Demarco Gall, 3pm.

Kepler Robert Forrest's fine play weaving debates about religion and science with the life of the astronomer. Netherbow, 8.30pm.

A Little Older John Binnie's touching account of a gay boy friendship with a minister's daughter. Theatre Workshop, 5.30pm.

Already shortlisted: Below the Belt, Sex III (Assembly Rooms); Cyrano de Begerac, Serpent Kills Traverse); The Dig (Roxy); Real Time (Demarco Gallery). A special commendation goes to A Drop of Fred, Graeme Henderson's wry solo show Theatre Zoo, 6.05, 7.25pm.