Edinburgh Festival Days 6 & 7: Serpent Kills

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Charles Sobhraj is doing time for multiple murder in Tihar prison, India. During the Seventies he led a drugs, sex and gems racket all over Asia, seeing himself as the James Bond of the underworld. His Pussy Galore was the nave Canadian Marie Andree LeClerc. At the time of his arrest, Sobhraj's glamorous criminal image and his complete lack of remorse made him an international celebrity and the ideal vehicle for a play about a man without conscience. This Canadian production uses 12 psychedelic suitcases and the strong smell of hashish to recreate Sobrhaj's gangland world. They succeed so well that when the crook co- opts members of the audience to represent a crowd of conned French tourists, they refuse his wine for fear of being drugged. Powerful performances, a thumping good story.

Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street (venue 15), 031-228 1404. 9pm. To 5 Sept (not Mon).