Edinburgh Festival fringe round-up: A Life in the Day of Laura Muldoon

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On the verge of sweet 16 and dying to be kissed, Laura Muldoon is about to discover the real world isn't the bed of roses she'd like to lie down on. Dressed to kill and on the pull with her mates, she not only has to contend with a horny boyfriend and his dopey pal, but with bickering parents, a wigged-out auntie and the about-to-be-discovered joys of sex. It's a whole new world out there, and one she might just get to grips with if she could only find her own space. Devised by Bunbury Touring Theatre's bright-eyed young company along with director Audrey Bennett, this is ideal material for theatre-in-education companies, with some neatly observed, if at times extraneous characterisation. If it all peters out at the end without drawing any conclusion, it's more than compensated for by the previous hour of serious fun.

n Marco's Leisure Centre. To 31 Aug